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The Photo Show with Michael Chovan-Dalton. A podcast about photographers.

"It was definitely one of the best ten years of my life…Lee is amazing, in those ten years I literally saw everything that he shot, everything. And yeah, sure it can't help but influence how I look at things, but it was more to what I can't do, listen no one is going to be Lee, I mean he's it, it's ending there."

Preston Rescigno has straddled the worlds of photojournalism and fine art photography for all of his photographic life. When I spoke to Preston he was getting ready to drive his son to college and he was recently unemployed. Preston was the New York Desk photo editor for a very large photo agency for many years. We talk about his background in the news business, his time working for Lee Friedlander, his early adoption of digital photography, going to the School of Visual Arts and Columbia University, and getting back to photography now that he had some time.