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The Photo Show with Michael Chovan-Dalton. A podcast about photographers.

Photo of Richard Bram by John Maloof

"No photographer knows anymore than an old master. Those guys did it and they did it slowly and they had to work at it for a long time and if you get that in your head, you will internalize a sense of composition that works even when you are taking a random picture in a crowd."

Michael and Kai met up with Richard Bram while he was getting ready to move from New York to London. Richard's book, Richard Bram New York, had just been published and symbolically it had become Richard's summation of his time as a street photographer in New York City. We discussed his early induction into In Public, a street photographer collective, where he met Matt Stuart, his start as a PR photographer, and how he taught himself photography at a public library.


Michael, Richard, & Kai