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The Photo Show with Michael Chovan-Dalton. A podcast about photographers.

""I was in London, Mary Ellen was working there (in Seattle) and I think it was the first night she was there, she saw Tiny get out of a cab in the parking lot of the Monastery night club and she said, Oh my god, this is a film."

Photo Credit: © Lisen Stibeck, Mary Ellen and Martin in Iceland, 2014

Filmmaker Martin Bell talks about how he and Mary Ellen Mark came to document Tiny and how it began a 33 year long collaboration and partnership. Martin's films have won many awards and Streetwise was nominated for an Oscar. We have a lengthy conversation about dealing with tough subject and the issue of exploitation. We also discuss the making and release of their last collaboration, a follow up to Streetwise, Tiny: The Life of Erin Blackwell and what Falkland Road Inc. is doing going forward.




Mary Ellen's Desk

Martin & Michael at SVA's Big Room for Screening of Tiny: The Life of Erin Blackwell

Michael & Martin