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The Photo Show with Michael Chovan-Dalton. A podcast about photographers.


"...she has like her cheerleading jacket inside glass and kind of on an easel, and all kinds of pictures of her daughter, and a swing outside on the lawn that has a plaque on it..."

Kathy Shorr started out in photography by photographing her children and being told they were pretty good photographs. From there she took a night class at the School of Visual Arts and was told by her professor that the photos were very good, and after making sure her professor wasn't just being nice, she enrolled full-time at SVA where she graduated with honors. Kathy has a streak of social activism in her. She has taught documentary photo to kids with behavioral issues in the public school system, and she has taught photo workshops at GMHC and The Fortune Society. The success of Kathy's work comes directly from how she immerses herself into what she is working on. Her latest project, SHOT, explores survivors of gun violence. You can see more of her work at the links below.


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Host: Michael Chovan-Dalton

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