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“There’s this expression, ‘The Decisive Moment,’ I’m sure it functioned for a while, but the question in a photograph isn’t when, it’s why…I want people to look at my photographs and the ‘why’ is there, it’s how I teach photography, it’s all one thing for me.”

Thomas Roma has been a teacher and mentor to many photographers, including me.  His list of accomplishments, which includes fourteen and counting monographs, is far too long to even try to include here, but you can check them out on his website linked below. I dedicated this first season of thePhotoShow to Tom because almost everything I know and believe about photography, and almost everyone I know in the photo world, I know through or because of Tom. If you have listened to the previous episodes you know that my guests have studied with Tom, used his cameras, have absorbed his language and philosophy on photography, have come to respect and admire the photographers that were a part of his early life in photography, and have come to know his family.

I have known Tom and his wife Anna since about 1989, and their son Giancarlo since he was born.  Tom, Anna, and Giancarlo are in some ways to me, closer than family. In fact, Tom and Anna are the godparents of my daughter and Tom was the best man at my wedding. Anna Roma and I have had quite a few collaborations of our own from helping out with coaching Giancarlo’s youth baseball teams, to scouring tag sales for vintage dinnerware, to programming databases. They have been a part of all of the  adult stages of my life from a student and a young man, to a husband, a father, and of course, always as a photographer. It is not an exaggeration that, like many of the guests you heard, I am in awe of the life Tom and Anna have created for themselves and now I get to see the life and career that their amazing and creative son, Giancarlo begins for himself.

-Michael Chovan-Dalton

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